Our Hatcheries are Equipped with Advanced Technologies

Turkish aquaculture sector continues to intensify and diversify by investing in development of new species and modifying its systems and practices.

Fish Hatcheries are used to cultivate and breed a large number of fish species in an enclosed environment. With the target of supplying high quality egg throughout the year and developing new species, Turkey Aquaculture hatcheries are equipped with advanced technologies. In addition to eggs supplied from various wild catch brood stocks with the techniques of natural and photo period all year long, genetic selections of species are also practiced.


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Turkey, whose fertile lands  enjoy abundant water resources, has a well developed seafood cuisine developed over many generations of the long, local history. In turn, the story of Turkish aquaculture began with an annual production of 3,000 tons in 1986, achieving 240,000 tons by 2016.

Today Turkey is a fully integrated seafood and aquaculture producer, from hatcheries to fish farms, processing and packaging facilities, feed factories and plants producing packaging and technical equipment. Significant and steady growth are the hallmarks of the Turkish seafood sector.

A capacity for sustainable production, species diversity, processing and production techniques and conformity to EU standards, combined with a close geographic proximity to target markets are the essential advantages that have generated significant market shares in foreign markets.

Aquaculture in World Standards

The Turkish Seafood sector has developed parallel to the implementation of environmentally friendly procedures embracing high technology R&D methods. Each species are fed by precision- made fish feeds conforming to formulas based primarily on natural ingredients.

Turkish fish farms are each in a unique habitat and subject to stringent traceability and quality systems. Consequently Turkish seafood is available year-round, and is widely regarded by the export markets for the health and taste characteristics of these Turkish products.


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